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Myriad of Meditation - 8 Types of Meditation Styles

Published on 06 Oct 2021

Myriad of Meditation - 8 Types of Meditation Styles

Meditation offers a world away from the commotion of the daily to let you be present with your thoughts and attain a sense of peace. A tool, if, possessed by you could help in controlling your emotions during anxious and panic circumstances. It takes a while to get going with the flow of meditation when practiced religiously. The good news is that meditation comes in all ranges where you get to pick and choose the right fit for you!

Meditation does not necessarily have to be the old school 'close your eyes to observe' rather it could be movement, mantra, or even candle-centric. The big deal about the practice of meditation lies in the value it adds to your life. It will make you more focused, observant, and self-sufficient. You will have the means to scour the toxicities residing in yourself to letting you have a conversation with your thoughts. 

As we dig deeper into the ranges of meditation styles, be mindful of the ones which attract your inner voice and try out a bunch to find your meditation motto!

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What are the Benefits of Meditation? 

Before we step towards listing down the types of meditation, a glance at the benefits of meditation might give you the push you need to adopt the practice of meditation

  • Developing a tool for stressful situations.
  • Gaining a refreshing outlook.
  • Fostering self-awareness.
  • Being present in the moment.
  • Tackling negative emotions.
  • Building imagination and creativity.
  • Better patience and tolerance level.

Now, all these benefits would go to waste if you don't undertake the potent tool of meditation! Meditation would shift your lifestyle and award you with moments of peace when the inner turmoil threatens to take over. 

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Different Types Of Meditation

1. Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness Meditation forms the base for varieties of meditational forms. Its origins trace back to the evolutions of Buddhism and command traction in the West. 

The name states the practice i.e., being mindful during meditation. To further break down the mechanisms, the crucial hold lies in letting of judgment and approaching an observant stance.

Now, as humans the practice of observing entails judgment, however, being successful in this practice requires you to let go of the urgency to judge when observing.

Also, you are free to practice mindful meditation on the go! 

For example, the next time you find yourself waiting in a long line, start calmly noticing your surroundings, including the sights, sounds, and smells you experience.

It usually focuses on generating awareness, wherein you can choose to fixate on an object or your breath while you observe any bodily sensations, thoughts, or feelings.

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2. Loving-kindness Meditation

As the name suggests, loving kindness is the motto of this form of meditation.

Also known as Metta Meditation, in this type of meditation one focuses on letting go of any unsettling feelings of anger and resentment to foster compassion, love, and kindness within. 

To kick off the loving-kindness meditation practice, one usually sends good wishes to their loved ones. One can choose to repeat a mantra of kindness till they start feeling its effect during the meditation. 

The aim of this form of meditation lies in adapting a loving approach towards every soul on earth, even ones' enemies! 

It is ideal for those battling negative emotions towards others or oneself. 

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3. Progressive Relaxation

Progressive Relaxation also termed body scan meditation involves scanning your body for points of stress. by yourself!

Usually one could start by tightening their muscles to move towards slow release. Or, many visualize a wave drifting tension off their bodies.

You could begin by easing the tense muscles from the end of your feet and work your way upwards. 

This type of meditation cultivates a tool for attaining relaxation and is ideal to practice before dozing off at night. 

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4. Transcendental Meditation

A form of meditation where one repeats a predefined mantra or series of words. Or, many choose to construct their own mantra. 

The practitioners aim to attain a heightened sense of mindfulness and move towards spiritual experiences. Transcendental Meditation has evoked scientific interest for quite some time. 

One while practicing takes a seated posture and focuses on deep breathing to transcend from their present self. This type of mediation attracts the ones looking to seriously adopt mediation in their lifestyle. 

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5. Movement Meditation

Now, enters a form of mediation for the ones who tend to let their mind wander than belt it!

This is a form of meditation where you find peace in movements/motion. One can practice movement meditation as they do yoga, go for a walk in the wood, or indulge in activities such as gardening, etc. 

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6. Zen Meditation 

The workings of Zen Meditation is similar to mindful meditation. As the practice requires one to find a comfortable position, focus on breathing, and mindfully observe one’s thoughts without judgment.

The difference lies in the discipline employed while meditating. Zen or Zazen commands a more focused practice.

The ones seeking both relaxation and a new spiritual path develop an interest in Zen Meditation.

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7. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga comes under an active form of meditation wherein yoga asanas are accompanied by deep breathing and mantras. Many choose to practice under the instruction of an experiences yogi.

A 2008 study of veterans with chronic low-back pain revealed. that yoga reduced pain, increased energy, and improved overall mental health.

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8. Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation intermingles with religious faiths such as Hinduism and Daoism, and Christianity. 

The mechanisms of this form of meditation replicates the act of offering prayers to a deity. One seeks to secure a deeper connection with God and introspect in the quiet, 

Many include essential oils such as cedar, sage, myrrh, etc. to amplify the experience of meditation. Spiritual Meditation is usually practiced by the ones searching for peace in quiet and spiritual enhancement. 

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After listing down the types of Meditation, we hope you get on with the flow to search for your peace!


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