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Explore exotic experiences in Surfing Experiences starting from undefined only at BWT Experiences.


8 Days Surf Camp in Mangalore, India

-23% /person

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No Cost EMI
4 Days Surf Camp in Mangalore, Karnataka
4 Days

-23% /person

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No Cost EMI

About Surfing Experiences

"If you're having a bad day, catch a wave." ~ Frosty Hesson

Do you ever get the burning need to do something wild? Break out from your routine and learn a savvy skill? Then, surfing is the answer to your quest!

Surfing is a marvellous watersport meant for those willing to learn. Water babies would love the idea of catching a wave or riding the mighty tides. If you want to experience the ocean or the sea in its spirit, then surf on them!

Surf is a sport open for all to experience. Surfers have the magical ability to balance on high waves and ride on the ruthless tide, all while enjoying the adrenaline rush. This watersport would make you stop dwelling in the past and admire the exciting present for a dazzling future!

What do we offer?

All you need is to grab your surfboard and, you are all set to rule the world of waves!

We have the perfect surfing experiences in drool-worthy locations. Catch some waves from the energetic seas of Mangalore or fashionable Goa and much more. We cater to every skill-level in surfing, from beginner to advanced. 

Our surf instructors are passionate with a flair for sharing this thrilling watersport that is surfing. Surfing experiences would provide you with a fresh outlook on life along, with meeting the dopest surfing community ever!

Surf the above packages and catch the waves!