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Things to do during a Pandemic (Self-care Tips)

Published on 20 May 2021

Things to do during a Pandemic (Self-care Tips)

One thing that we all can agree upon is that the Pandemic has overstayed its unwelcome. But, since we are not the Avengers and we might not be able to call the virus for combat, we could still protect ourselves and those around us by being sane and calm. And we have got a few self-care tips & tricks up our sleeves to help you attain your normal in this new normal.

Do remember that only you can make yourself better. Let’s work on ourselves when the world seems to be fixing itself. 

It is time for some pandemic self-care-

Yoga- The staircase to serenity 

We know that this seems to be on every list but trust us when we say that Yoga is a life-altering experience leading to a serenely mindful aura! 

The gentle-paced asanas coupled with a soothing breathing pattern can measure up to no other activity. When you are on a yoga mat, you are not only working your muscles but your soul too. Day by day, you are taking a step closer towards linking your body, mind, and soul. And yes, it is possible!

Yoga caters to every age group and serves as an excellent means to shut the disruptive voice to hear the inner one; that will give us all the answers we could ever need. 

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Meditation- The types are many

Meditation is tough but, taking good care of yourself was never easy. We all accept it but, it is worth a shot when the things going around do not make an iota of sense. 

You don’t have to be cross-legged to meditate. Maybe closing your eyes and letting your favorite tracks take over your room or mind might do the trick? 

Another way is to take baby steps. Find a place where noise is negligible and you feel at peace. Your bathroom would also do! 

Now close your eyes and sort the thoughts into questions and let us go through them one by one. 

There are a myriad of meditation techniques for you to reclaim your peace and emotional self-care, a few are-

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Baking your heart out 

Cooking is therapeutic, you just have to attend one of its healing sessions to realize it. Once you mingle in the process of chopping vegetables and saute, rolling the dough, or baking endearing cupcakes, you will find yourself engrossed enough to forget about the worldly woes keeping you awake at night. 

Cooking or baking for yourself is a gratifying experience, one you will keep coming back to when you want to escape discouraging thoughts. Even cooking with a loved one could turn out to be a fun endeavor to 2-3 blissful hours! To give you a push, you can start by cooking-

  1. Tiramisu
  2. White-sauce Pasta
  3. Spring rolls
  4. Lasagna 
  5. Chicken caesar salad
  6. Any and everything you want to gobble up!

Show some self-love and self-care to your tummy too. 

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Art- Paint your walls, paper, or face

Life has made us all artists-in-the-making and demands us to dabble in the sports of art once in our life. So, pick up a journal, paper, make-up brush, actual brushes, or spray paint your walls and look after yourself. Let it all out on a medium you can confide your emotions when people feel of no use.  

Things to get you started-

Playing dress-up

Make-up looks




Writing a book, poetry, or articles

Art is one of the leading forms of self-love and self-care.

Establishing a wellness routine

Make sure to have a self-care day at least once a week to feel garden-fresh!

Be it applying Multani mitti, a good old oil scalp massage, or digital detox. You have all control over letting your body relax and feel anew. 

You could also book an appointment with a mental health professional when things get too burdensome to handle or call up an old friend you miss dearly. The options are all displayed right before your eyes, you just have to test the ones which make you feel at ease. 

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Plan out your next travel adventure

We know that traveling must be the last thing on everyone’s mind but indulging in mapping out the next few adventures might take your mind off of the stressors and triggers. When you get lost in the process of surfing the net while you jot down the places you want to visit, you might regain the excitement you cannot seem to find!

It would be a self-care plan in disguise for your next bike trip, surfing, or weekend getaways

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Positive Affirmations throughout the day

Take 5 pieces of paper every day and write your favorite quotes on them. Then, go ahead and hang them on the back of your door, bathroom, or anywhere visible. 

Change your passwords to motivational phrases, make your screensaver one, or even put reminders to remind yourself that ‘This too shall pass’

It has been scientifically proven that repetition is a powerful trigger for positivity!

Retrain your breathing 

Experts claim that majority of the population applies only 10-20% of their breathing potential. Hence, causing energy stagnation and restrictive flow within the body. By incorporating proper breathing techniques, one can unfurl numerous benefits that will link the body to the mind. 

You achieve mental clarity, leave behind your worries, improve your chest mobility and say goodbye to sleepless nights. Retraining your respiration process will even help you dodge related illnesses and feel content in life. Also, by mastering the art of breathing, you are one step closer to ace your meditation levels and acing self-care. 

Digital Detox

Digital Detox precisely means to take a break from all and every digital gadget, from your phone, gaming consoles to laptops and computers. In short, go Digital-free. 

You decide why and when you would like to leave behind the animated world created by technology and connect with your authentic self until you are ready to have a comeback!

Complete abstinence from it might not be a feasible solution for some, so the most crucial factor while practicing digital detox is deciding the pace and magnitude which would put you at ease and not disrupt your routine activities.

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Do a daring task at home

Apply to that internship you always coveted, film a reel or video you never had time for, dance on songs you lost touch with. We all things we wanted to do but our busy schedules never got in the way. Now, you can’t go out but, you can bring the adventure in!

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Taking care of yourself must take precedence over everything.


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