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6 Wondrous Benefits of Cooking at Home

Published on 17 Jul 2021

6 Wondrous Benefits of Cooking at Home

Always wanted to learn the recipe for White sauce pasta or bake the tantalizing choco lava cake?

Chalk down the recipe and get cooking! For you, do not need a time or place to treat your taste buds when you could be your Chef. Not only cooking soothes the mind but detoxes your thoughts and tap into some self-loving as well. We are here to unfurl some emotional benefits of cooking. That will make you whip up your favorite dish as you practice "therapeutic cooking".

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonades. That is the saying doing rounds around town. When life hands you worry, bake a cake or cook up a lasagna to sweat out the worries!

Even researchers argue that during bad days instead of flopping down on your couch, sometimes creating delectable cuisines for yourself and loved ones might make the emotional load a little lighter :)

Lets us browse through some eye-opening yet awesome benefits of cooking at home-

1.  Baking/Cooking Reaps Tangible Rewards 

Psychologists told Eater in 2014 that the reason that therapeutic baking courses work so well is because participants get something tangible for their efforts. It's called "behavioral activation.

There are days when our mood gets hell-bent on being down. Maybe a dispute at the workplace or tensions in personal relationships acts as a trigger. But, the good news is that cooking reaps wholesome rewards in the form of meals you can share and enjoy!

And hey, even if the meal doesn't turn out as delicious as you thought, the experience taught you patience. The process is more fun if a loved one tags along, making your worries vanish and uplifting your mental health. Be it baking, chopping, cooking, at least you made an effort to feel better.

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2. The Cooking Process Stimulates Creativity 

A study conducted in 2016 closely observed the daily actions of 658 people. The study concluded that when people indulge in minor, mindful, and meaningful tasks such as baking/cooking throughout their daily lives, they felt comprehensively happier and lighter.

Cooking/Baking initiates bouts of creativity as you take charge of the process and depend on your taste skills to edit or add the ingredients. Easy and quick recipes boost your morale and mental health as the process doesn't make you anxious about the outcome. 

Numerous studies have linked creativity with happiness. And, cooking/baking provides you an outlet for pouring out your creativity!

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3. Cooking Nourishes Your Self-care Ritual

"Nourishing our bodies with food is one of the most fundamental ways that our outer world (what we can see, touch, and taste) communicates with our inner world (our physical body)." as told by  Meg Bowman, a clinical nutritionist at Nourish Integrative Solutions. 

Well, even Science stands up for the fact that therapeutic cooking nourishes your body and soul. As you delve deep into the process of cooking up something delicious for yourself and your loved ones or even attending cooking classes, you will find yourself in a jubilant setting. You will gain socialization skills and feel self-sufficient when you have spent quite a few hours in the kitchen whipping up scrumptious dishes. The ingredients used will present themselves in a platter of delectable cuisines, which you made from scratch! Self-care and nourishment at its best :) 

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4. Calms Like a Meditation Practice 

 "For someone who battles negative thoughts, worries, and is constantly bombarded with doubt, fear, shame, cooking can be a healthy outlet to bring peace and serenity into their headspace." as quoted by therapist Justyna Wawrzonek.

Cooking makes you focus on tasks at hand - chopping up the vegetables, stirring the curry, slicing, peeling, and more. Once you are in the zone, you tend to forget about the badgering thoughts and put all your energy into the present. Like you do when you shut your eyes for meditating!

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5. Its Altruistic Nature Forms Bonds

 "Food brings people together, there’s no question about this. For someone who struggles with social contact, the act of sharing one’s creation of a home-cooked meal can be really powerful. Positive feedback and just seeing someone else enjoy, appreciate and value your creation (the meal) has major implications for rebuilding one’s self of worth and value." as quoted by therapist Justyna Wawrzonek.

The best way to show some love might go to cooking for others and enjoying a meal together. The altruistic or giving nature underlying the act not only makes others appreciate your efforts but also hypes you up as they laugh along with you while you guys devour the dish. You form deeper connections and attain gratitude when you serve your very cuisine to your loved ones!

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6. Lets You Be More Mindful Of What You Eat

 “At home, we mentally approach the meal differently, making us less likely to add unnecessary items that should be consumed in moderation." as quoted by nutritional counselor Sarah Jacobs, cofounder of the Wellness Project NYC. 

You decide on the ingredients to add or subtract as the whole cooking process is literally in your own hands!

It lets you be more cautious about what you put in your body and helps you gain control over the diet you consume. You will feel much more satisfied at the end of the day about your health when you are in charge of your meals and can practice portion control at your pace.

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