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5 best cooking tips to keep under your Chef’s hat!

Published on 12 Mar 2021

5 best cooking tips to keep under your Chef’s hat!

The work-from-home culture has surely made us all culinary artists. With Dalgona coffee taking the world by storm to an afflux of cooking channels on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, we all must have quite a few recipes under our hat. But did you know that pasta water can be used for pasta sauce as well? Or, ginger could be peeled with a spoon without any scrape? No? Then, read on because we present 5 surprising culinary tips for you to find a use for- 

Let the residual heat cook your eggs to perfection

If you have been struggling with over-cooked eggs. Or, for the life of the omelet can not cook the eggs with perfect consistency, then try turning off the heat a little before they seem to be done. Whether you are flipping an omelet or scrambling it or are in the mood for a poach, this trick is the key to well-cooked eggs for a lifetime.

Do not ditch the pasta water

Wait, do not throw the pasta water! Instead, let us use it to make our pasta sauce, even more, creamier or unbind thick pasta sauce. The starch present in pasta water would take your regular pasta up a notch, and you will never think of dumping it ever again!

You can even transfer your pasta from the saucepan to the skillet with a cup of leftover pasta water for a more refined and flavorful dish, owing to the salty water.

Let’s not drain the pan rather deglaze it

Did you know that the caramelized bits glued to your pan add taste and flavor to the pan sauces? Yes, you heard that right. So, the next time you are tiring yourself out while scrubbing the pan clean, leave it be! 

If you want a squeaky-clean pan then you can deglaze it with wine or vinegar for a smooth release of the burnt bits rather than washing them in vain.

Food tasting bland? Acid to the rescue!

Sugar and salt balance the flavors of most dishes, right? Did you know that acid could do the same?

The next time you are fussing over a bland taste, try sprinkling some lemon juice or a spurt of vinegar and see the taste transformation!

A spoon is enough for an oddly-shaped Ginger

Have you ever felt frustrated while peeling ginger? No matter which knife you use, some of it always ends up sticking to an otherwise disrobed ginger. Let us use a metal spoon as an alternative!

The ginger skin would come off effortlessly and peel off to utter perfection when using a spoon due to its papery layer.


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