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10 Amusingly Bizarre Painters and their Wondrous Ways

Published on 24 May 2021

10 Amusingly Bizarre Painters and their Wondrous Ways

All artists have a quirky way to teleport their vision to their viewers. Some perplex us, while some leave us astonished for centuries to come. Be what it may artists, and their processes have amused people since the first painter came into being. We have gathered 10 such eccentrically bizarre artists famous for using the weirdest tools or tactics to create the strangest paintings-

Salvador Dali

The surrealist Salvador Dali baffled people with his artistic ponderings, wild statements, and off-the-wall personality till the day he took his last breath. His weird paintings serve as a testament to his eccentric artistry. Dali, riveted by the realm connecting unconsciousness and reality, took extreme measures to draw “hand-painted dream photographs” on his canvas. His persistence on hallucinatory dreamscapes gave way to many classic pieces. 

Evident in dripping pocket watches, bleak expansive landscapes, erotic yet gnarled nudes, liquefying bodies supported by precariously placed crutches, toppling scrawny elephants, that painted him the magnate and weirdo of the artistic sphere!

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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, an early riser, alcohol, and social savant justified the phrase ‘creature of habit’ by never missing a beat off of his schedule. A day lark starting his mornings by quirky paintings like there was no tomorrow and indulging in dining, drinking, and fraternizing rituals a bit into the witching hours. He once quoted that hangover brought out the best artistic sides of him as it brought him clarity. Though a man of pleasure, Bacon had his fair share of struggles with insomnia that made him rely on sleeping pills and dabbling with cookbooks in hopes of enchanting sleep. 

Millie Brown- The Vomit Painter

Millie Brown has a way of her own that would strike most as gut-wrenchingly grotesque, but her final product might startle your outlook on your pukes. A master of regurgitation, Brown gobbles colored milk leading to a colorful vomit used for her marvelous pieces on a white canvas.

Her weird artworks have fetched her thousands of dollars, evidenced by the Nexus Vomitus sold for a whopping $2400!

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Hong Yi- The Basketball Painter

Hong Yi has swapped the traditional brush with a savvier one, a basketball.

She painted an intricately defined painting of the retired basketball player Yao Ming with nothing but a basketball in hand. 

The perfect ode to a legendary basketball player!

Ani K- The Tongue Painter

Ani K licks his worries away by painting with a trained tongue immune to the pungent fumes of watercolors. But this tags along with nausea, headaches, and tongue-aches. A trouble worth five months of rendering 2.8 ft wide Leonardo da Vinci's- The Last Supper, featuring Jesus and his disciples. His strangest paintings have landed him in an artistic paradise many dream of!

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Val Thompson- The Human Ash Painter

Val Thompson might have found a quirky crafts way to keep your loved ones close after their demise, that is, by mixing human ashes into her painting to give it a textural compliment! She adopted this bizarre mixture after her brother suggested it and turned it into an unforeseen career path. Some might say her strangest paintings contain the dead. 

Maybe that is why many clients call on her to paint their lost ones as a memoir to keep. 

Vinicius Quesada- The Blood Painter

The psychedelic artist, Vinicius Quesada, has committed to the phrase ‘art knowns no boundaries’ by dabbling human blood and piss into a series of quirky paintings termed Blood Piss Blues. A talented folk, capturing evangelic imagination and bringing them to life through his experimental artistic skills!

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Xiang Chen- The Eye Painter

Xiang Chen has chased the boundaries away with his visually painful but astonishing painting technique by sticking giant paintbrushes under his eyelid. A calligraphist and painter, Xiang drags the brush to create quirky art pieces not marvelous in particular. But, his out-of-the-eye painting technique is worth a mention!

Chris Trueman- The Dead Ants Painter

A painting painted by 200,000 dead ants of a boy holding a rifle cashing in $35,000 is a piece of art birthed by Chris Trueman. His ant strokes created Self-Portrait with Gun, a likeness of his brother, remarks on an artiste genius to use any and everything accessible to produce unprecedented pieces.

Tim Patch

Tim Patch earnestly goes by ‘Pricasso’ and uses an unusual tool to paint his strangest paintings; his buttocks and penis. A tool always at his disposal when he is in a mood to paint. His butt sets the background and, his pecker paints the masterpieces displayed on roads for strangers to gaze, and exhibited at several sex trade shows as well! He even takes his gimmick of a paintbrush for live demonstrations to amuse the passersby. 

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