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5 compelling reasons to travel when you feel low-spirited

Published on 22 Mar 2021

5 compelling reasons to travel when you feel low-spirited

Travel needs no excuse, for it is an excuse to escape from the ways of the world. Still, there are times when we are stuck with gut-wrenching feelings and are down in the dumps. And, traveling might be the antidote to inject your mood with euphoria. Be it trekking, bike trips, or wellness retreats, travel can be of any form as long as it brings you happiness!

Here are our 5 compelling reasons to travel when you feel out of sorts- 

Nature is the Best Therapist

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous – Aristotle.

The sounds of chirping birds, sights of snow-covered mountains, or early spring winds, all have a healing power that will tranquilize low-mood or razoring thoughts. With never-ending aesthetic spots sprawled across this world, nature is everywhere for you to absorb its calm and wilderness. 

In Ecopsychology, ecotherapy or nature-therapy is an emerging field of practice with far-reaching benefits for mental health sustenance. 

New People, New Connections

Sometimes all we need is a change of place and people. On this very ground, travel comes up as the ultimate medium to explore. When you travel to nearby or faraway places, you will encounter varied-personality strangers. With some, you will enrapture a lasting bond while others might be ‘the right person at the right time and in the right place’ kind.

Whoever you end up meeting will shape you in ways far beyond anyone’s comprehension. Maybe they will become your travel buddy or someone you met at someplace once. If you never entrench the borders of your personality, then you might miss out on meeting a bunch of awesome peeps!

Tons of enlightening experiences

Apart from meeting new people, traveling will let you see yourself in an altogether different light. You will come across diverse scenarios. And, in over-coming or experiencing these situations, you will learn a bit more about what makes you smile or frown!

Maybe you will finally find the peace you always longed for or the scene you always wanted to be surrounded by. 

Expand the horizons of your personality

When you travel to uplift your spirit, every experience unfolds a part of your personality. Whether you interact with the locals or like any specific cuisine, you will be trying and testing this wide-world to find your sweet spots!

Every trip would ingrain your persona with traits you never knew you possessed. So, travel whenever possible and wherever possible. For you owe yourself to see the world for it is. 

Awesome tales to tell

Imagine the savage stories that await your presence! Travel as you can tell these arousing experiences to people who are going through what once you did. You might unlock the key to a treasure many are still searching for!

Not only traveling allows you to unplug from the worldly woes but also fills you up with countless anecdotes to spill when you return to the very place you felt low.


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