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Aatm Yogshala

Aatm Yogshala

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About Aatm Yogshala

"Aatm Yogashala" which translates to the school of "soul", defines a path of self-realization and formings a strong bond with your soul to make your inner voice heard.

Aatm Yogshala preaches about how the practice of yoga gives your life a positive spin and diminishes the fog towards life. Taking you away from the fast-paced life of endless desires & expectations to breathe a sigh of peace, you will touch base with the reality of the universal language of spirituality.

The Yogis will help you root a firm foundation leading to a sphere of self-practice. Grab the chance to fulfill your expectations under the expertise of the certified Yogis. Also, build a conducive environment around you to maintain and achieve stability, and all the while building deep connections according to yogic disciples.

Atm Yogshala stands out from others by their years of experience and individual attention directed towards each student. The Yoga teachers strive to match every student's gains with what they intend to achieve throughout their one-month journey. The yoga sessions are curated in such a manner that the chief pillars of yoga emanate through every lecture and yoga asanas.