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10 Steps to Planning A Trek: Trekking Tips & Essentials

Published on 18 Jan 2022

10 Steps to Planning A Trek: Trekking Tips & Essentials

Everyone seems to hit like when scrolling through trekking reels or Youtube videos. From transfixing sceneries to a group of friends having a time of their life, the allure of treks is unparallel. However inviting the idea of trekking the highest peaks may occur, do not fall for the happy facade of these hiking/trekking pictures or snippets! 

A trek requires a good amount of pre-planning, fitness regime, and practice treks. It is not all happy smiles and flower scents rather a lot of sweat, tears, callous feet, and burning calves. But, the sights climbed reached make all the hard work worth it. 

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So, before you go all out on your trekking expedition do check out these 10 trekking preparations tips to keep trouble at bay- 

1. Start A Fitness Regime (Focus on Leg Days)

One of the most crucial pieces of advice you could get before embarking upon a trek is to practice the length of the trek prior to the trip. And we do not mean a day prior. Start with small walks and give your body enough time to reboot. Then, when you feel confident in your walking abilities of long distances, extend your walk to the time you think your trek would require. Maybe 4 or 6 or 8. Make sure that you are able to cover long distances without feeling the need to rest constantly the day before your trek.

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If you are into any kind of physical exercise, investing in your leg would be wise. Since you need strength in your legs on the day of the trek, working on them would reap results you will be thankful for later. So, add on a couple of extra lunges and get going.  Try - Cycling, soccer, football, squash, and swimming. 

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2. Choose The Staircase Not The Elevator

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A little change here or there goes a long way (yes it does). Put some spotlight on your legs by choosing the staircase whenever presented with an opportunity to swap with the elevator. Let the stairs build your quads and calves for your trek.

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3. Practice In Similar Terrains & Weather Conditions

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Peruse your travel itinerary carefully to get a sense of the terrain and weather situation you would encounter. And, try to replicate the same during the ordinary course of things. For instance, opt for walking on hill-like places as they resemble the terrains of mountains you plan to trek. 

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4. Make Use of Walking Poles

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Walking poles are your crutches when you don't one. Be it trekking through the Triund snowline or Kanatal, walking poles make the stress of treks on your body simmer down a bit. They ease the strain on your knees on the downhill and provide prop you up on the way uphill. Include walking poles in your exercise/preparation for trekking and thank us later!

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5. Do Nourish Your Body

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Treks drain a lot out of your body so it is necessary to adapt the habit of consuming small, frequent meals whilst trek training to level up your energy requirements. If you are going for one of the recommended long walks part of your trek training then do eat a healthy breakfast and intake plentiful water before heading out. 

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6. Remember To Pace Yourself Mentally & Physically 

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If it is your first time hearing about training for a trek - don't feel off about it. One important thing to keep in mind while preparing for a trek is to not go all out while practicing. Move at your pace and test it out so that on your trekking trip you are well aware of your limits.

Also, when you are trekking do not feel compelled to out speed everyone, rather take in your surrounding and move at a comfortable pace. Do not worry about being left behind as your trek guide got your back!

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7. Train With Your Rucksack

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You would not be carrying your main luggage when trekking, although you will have a rucksack/bag with trekking essentials such as your camera, snacks, sunscreen, water, and wet-weather gear. So do make it a point to practice/train with a backpack in tandem in weight with your trekking day backpack. Try to train with a slightly heavy bag pack so that on the day of the actual trek, your backpack feels way lighter than it would normally :D

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8. Go Through The Travel Itinerary

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Do make a travel itinerary if not going with a travel agency. Get a gist of the terrain, pitstops to make, weather conditions during the month you plan on trekking. It makes for one of the most significant parts of your trekking preparation as you would have an idea about the layout of the region. Avoid being clueless when you land there by planning smartly. 

If you are travelling with an agency, then peruse the provided travel itinerary thoroughly. This will give you a sense of difficulty and you can adjust your trek training accordingly. 

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9. Blister Avoiding Essentials 

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Blisters become a routine part when you are a frequent trekkers. However, if you want to find out some ways to avoid or keep them to a bare minimum then adopt the following trekking tips- 

  • Make sure that your shoes are your size and fit like a glove.
  • Buy some Quality Socks - Try Merino or Polypropylene liner for winter treks & Coolmax liner for the summer ones.
  • Carry a lubricant with you religiously when on trek training and on actual treks.
  • Taping and wrapping the pressure points might work wonders. Be sure that the tape does form wrinkles making it prone to create friction.

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10. Do Test Out Your Shoes

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This is one of the trekking tips that can not be emphasized enough. Invest in a solid pair of shoes and then test them out by wearing them everywhere you go! And, make sure they provide enough support, ventilation and are water-resistant. This would also help in reducing your chances of getting blisters, bunions, and lost toenails.

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