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10 Popular Winter Festivals of India To Attend in 2022 (Updated)

Published on 30 Dec 2021

10 Popular Winter Festivals of India To Attend in 2022 (Updated)

Festivals have a way of uplifting one's spirit and spreading communal harmony through spectacular celebrations. The winter festivals of India sprawl the similar effect across the regions where they take place. If you are identify as a culture connoisseur and carry a taste for traditional festivities, we have gathered the 10 most popular winter season festivals in India enriching the soul of their spectator.

1. Lohri Festival Punjab

Lohri marks the harvest festival of the Punjab state of India, and also observes the winter solstice – shortest day and the longest night. The state of affairs celebrating Lohri encompasses delighted family members and friends dancing around a ginormous bonfire sharing their spirit of joy. One of the best winter festivals in India, even being a mere by-stander to Lohri commemoration will evoke the fondness of togetherness! 

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2. Camel Festival Bikaner

The Rajasthan Tourism organizes a flamboyant style parade of Camel festivities in Bikaner every January. Making it one of the top winter festivals in India, you will be enthralled by the sheer number of camel-oriented activities such as camel races, camel dances, and the bumpy, neck shaking camel rides. Folk dances, Music, Art and Culture also slide in to add glamour to the endearing Camel festival in Bikaner.

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3. Magh Bihu Festival

Magh Bihu is a part of the three harvest festivals celebration in Assam, also known as Bhogali Bihu. The pomp and revel is showcased by the delectable feasts such as cakes of rice or Sunga Pitha,Til Pitha and Laru, as well as, bonfires and games like tekeli bhonga and buffalo fighting. You must capture the spirit of Bihu, which a week long Assam celebration of Sankranti making it one of the best winter festivals in India, by paying it a visit in 2022.

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4. Thai Pongal Festival

Another harvest celebration in India marked by the Tamils, the 4-day long Thai Pongal festival falls on January 13-16. Other set of winter harvest festivals in Tamil Nadu are Bhogi Pandigai, Pongal Pandigai, Maatu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. These festivities commemorates he lord of fire, son of God, cattle, and birds respectively. One of the most revered festivals celebrated during winter in India, Pongal is highlighted by the traditional sweet dishes, rangolis and boat races.

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5. Winter Carnival Manali

The winter carnival hosted in Manali since 1977 to bring Himachal Pradesh's culture into limelight, has transformed into a fabulous feat enjoyed by all and hated by none. You get to experience the grooviest winter sports such as skiing and skating, as well as, move to the beats of folk music concurrent to a range of cultural competitions. The Manali Winter Carnival without a doubt makes the list of winter festivals and is synonymous with radiating jubilance.

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6. Magnetic Field Festival of Rajasthan

An experience to descend in nature’s lap and discover uncharted customs, culinary arts, wildlife and nomadic lifestyle is the Magnetic Field Nomads. The tourists would be enraptured by activities, like Sundowner in the Bagichi, The grand pool party, The Easy picnic, Jungle safari and tranquil Magnetic sanctuary. The stay in an exquisite palace in Ranthambore is all you need to unite with your inner spirit!

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7. Goa Carnival Festival

A carnival comprising a blend of from all castes, creeds, communities and colors and genders, borrows its roots from Portuguese. It is one of best winter festivals in India celebrated in the forms of raging Singing, dancing, feasting, guitar strumming, acrobatic performances, clowns, fire performers and what not for 72 hours! 

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8. Mount Abu Winter Festival

A concoction of of folk music and dance, live concerts, fireworks, fire performances, fairs, and a food fest, the winter festival of Mount Abu welcomes almost 1 lakh enthusiast! This 3-day long revelations sets amongst the serenity of Mount Abu to accentuate the cultural diversity of India. The on-looker gets to soak in marvelous performances from all across India.

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9. Kutchh Rann Mahotsav

  This tag line of the Rann Mahotsav in Kutch of Gujarat  - “Kutch nahin dekha to kuchh nahin dekha” - pretty much tells the tales about the celebration of Gujarati folk and culture. With the festivities spanning over a 3 month period in the 7000 sq feet pearl white sand (the view of moonlit white sand is one you don't want to miss out on!) set up with 400 exquisite tents,  and live cultural performances along with authentic Kutchhi cuisine, the Rann Mahotsav counts among the best festivals celebrated in winter season. 

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10. Hornbill Festival

In the extreme east of India, the state Nagaland pays homage to its 16 resident tribe in the most convivial way possible! Be a witness to the harmonious intermixture of music, dance, food and color. Drum beats, folk songs, performances of war dances, head hunting rituals, car and bike adventures, fashion shows, and the very popular chilli eating contest - to name a few events arranged to reflect the cultural diversity of the tribes in the revelations of Hornbill festival. Transpiring amid lush greenery and hills, the mingling of tribal culture makes it one of the most popular winter festivals in India!

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