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Top Instagram Travel Influencers To Follow in 2021

Published on 08 Nov 2021

Top Instagram Travel Influencers To Follow in 2021

The onset of social media has strung along with the myriad influencers, who seem to be on a mission to entertain the public with their intuitively creative ways (cringe or delight, you judge that!).  A wide specimen among them are labeled as 'travel influencers'. These travel influencers journey from country to country, city to city, and states to state in hopes of divulging the enamoring of our world to their loyal followers. They go hiking, trekking, paragliding, skiing, or visit cherished destinations for a living, and to be honest, what a coveted lifestyle!

We have chalked up a list of famous Instagram travel influencers trotting around to discover offbeat tracks and pearls of places. Follow them as they lend their lens to their followers by sharing unbeatable experiences around the globe-  

1. Archana Singh {@travelseewrite}

Archana Singh weaves travel and story-telling to make an impact that matters, through her blogs and work as a travel journalist. Her exceptional photography skills capture the emotions of the place she traverses. Her social feed sparks wanderlust while Archana uses her voice to create awareness about the environment and social issues. Her passion for travel and life makes her deserving to be one of the best travel influencers to follow on Instagram. 

Instagram Handle: @travelseewrite

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2. Shivya Nath {@shivya}

One fine day, Shivya opted for the saying 'Ditch the job to travel the world', and ever since she did not look back once. Shivya authored the best-selling book, 'The Shooting Star', her motto embodies to travel slow and solo! Her social feed exhibits awe-inspiring content showcasing travel in an offbeat light. Shivya travels to experience the local culture and unwraps the avant-gardes of top tourist attractions, making her one of the top travel vloggers of all time. 

Instagram Handle: @shivya

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3. Seema Gurnani {@pandareviewz}

This 24-year old travel and food blogger, found her true purpose when she went for her first solo trip to Goa at the tender age of 16. Travel unbounded her spirit to new experiences, exciting cultures, and pearls of nature, and Seema quit her cozy job to explore the unexplored. The journey of her handle 'pandaraviewz' crisscrosses food and travel to culminate into memorable memories to hold for years accounting for one of the best travel vloggers in India!

Instagram Handle: @pandareviewz

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4. Ajay Sood {@travelure}

Ajay Sood belts several accolades in his honor including the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award, making him no stranger to the travel influencer scene. He switches into various roles such as a TBEX speaker and a travel blogger, however, his heart lies in photography. His work will take you for a ride into the diversity eminent in India & its cultures. 

Instagram Handle: @travelure

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5. Abhinav Singh {@asoulwindow}

Abhinav Singh is what we call a soul born to travel. His travel expedition has taken him across 200 destinations in India and abroad. His zeal for travel even got him fired from his corporate job causing a minor setback. In due course of time, he took it as a sign to unleash the traveler in him and reached splendid heights of success within a year. He is presently one of the most famous travel bloggers in India.

Instagram Handle: @asoulwindow

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6. Siddhartha Joshi {@siddharthajoshi}

Siddhartha Joshi started his blog 'Sid-The Wanderer' for his loved ones, however, he did not expect the phenomenon it would turn out to be! His blogs are on one of the top-ranking travel blogs amusing his readers with his travel escapades. Siddhartha says he is constantly intrigued by people and it kickstarted his travel expedition to unknown terrains. 

Instagram Handle: @siddharthajoshi

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7. Indrani Ghose {@indranipics}

An ex-IAF officer turned into one of the best travel bloggers in India, Indrani Ghose is a travel influencer we would gladly be influenced by! She routinely takes trips with her family to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites, something her family has been doing since she was a kid. To date, Indrani has traveled to over 21 countries and 250+ cities and the zest continues as alluded by her social media feed.

Instagram Handle: @indranipics

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8. Footloose Dev {@footloosedev}

For Devesh, a journey of a lifetime began by paying a visit to his native place. There he bumped into a bunch of fellow travelers backpacking across the Himalayas which sparked his passion for creating awesome-travel-related content. Devesh is known for his realistic travel tips as well as spilling tea on making money via blogging. Truly, one of the best travel influencers out there!

Instagram Handle: @footloosedev

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9. Swati & Sam {@swati_n_sam}

Swati and Sam, software engineers by profession, make for an iconic duo to follow for luxury travel guidance. The couple has journeyed to some of the romantic havens on Earth such as Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, Switzerland, and Thailand. The couple thrives on a travel high by visiting somewhere near 16 countries and the bizarre nooks and corners of Indian towns and cities.

Instagram Handle: @swati_n_sam

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10. Neelima Vallangi {@neelimav}

Neelima holds the mantle for female travelers looking for safe travel tips and locations. Also, she strives to be a robust force in the eco-tourism industry by voicing her insightful opinions for sustainable tourism through her work. Now, that is what we call a travel influencer making a wholesome difference for everyone!

Instagram Handle: @neelimav

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