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With the world in a whirlwind, Yoga is our Savior!

Published on 28 Jan 2021

With the world in a whirlwind, Yoga is our Savior!

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. -- The Bhagavad Gita

The raging pandemic shackled the world in its cage and, we were all taken by surprise; with everything closing on us, we all needed an escape. The masses turned to yoga as a means of being fit and calming their senses.

Yoga has been a rock-solid choice of exercise by school teachers to doctors since time immemorial. Yoga is not only a prodigious form of exercise but also an optimum method to keep your mental and spiritual well-being hale and hearty.

In this blog, we will take you through some of the overpassed but factual plus points of yoga:

Blooming Mental Well-Being 

 Yoga is a multifaceted form; it soothes the mind and calms the nerve. 

Yoga tapers down Anxiety and Panic attacks

 Practicing yoga for the long term can help in coping up with petrifying anxiety and panic attacks. Yoga reduces cortisol levels in our body, that is, the primary stress hormone.

 There are several poses curated specifically to target anxiety and panic attacks, such as- 

  • Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Warrior III
  • Extended Puppy Pose
  • Supported Headstand
  • Corpse Pose

The practice of yoga in itself is a peaceful and soothing exercise, so the far-reaching benefits are a no-brainer!

Helps in tackling Low mood or Depressive episodes

The gentle-paced yoga asanas help to scale down the symptoms of depression or low mood like insomnia and loss of energy. 

Yoga provides a mechanism for introspection and allows the body to connect with the mind and reach the very soul.

The efficacy of yoga to fight depression is a hot topic among modern-day researchers. While we wait for their stalwart statistics, here are some poses that would help in taking the edge off:

  • Child Pose
  • Plow Pose
  • Corpse Pose
  • Downward-facing Dog Pose
  • Humming Bee Breathing Exercise
  • Alternate nostril breathing technique

Brings a Sense of self

The serenity with which one practices yoga allows the mind to collect its thoughts and communicate with them. It paves up a platform for contemplation, makes one less reactive to an unfavorable instance, and, most of all, connects the practitioners to their true self.

The sanctity of yoga is the sole factor of its soaring popularity among people from all walks of life.

Yoga has set a precedent that no other form of exercise ever could, that is, bridging the gap between what the body says and what the mind wants!

 Lowers down Stress

 Stress is a taxing emotion and, we all are a victim of it. 

Medical experts have always stressed the pinnacle role played by yoga in relieving stress. As we have mentioned above, yoga reduces the cortisol level, thus, elevating your outlook on life.

Managing stress levels is entirely a by-product of all the cumulative benefits offered by yoga.

Experience these yoga asanas for bringing down your stress levels-

  • Easy Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Standing forward bend

Incorporating the practice of yoga could tackle all forms of stress put forth by life!

Offers a deep and fresh outlook on Life through Meditation 

Life as we know it can become mundane with repetitive routines and a dying curiosity. The rewarding practice of yoga coupled with its slow-paced asanas lends a hand in acquainting the exterior self with the intricate interior.

Regular meditation allows the mind to get away from the constant hassle and entanglement of thoughts; it lets the mind concentrate on one thought and questions its material existence.

By reflecting on the varied thoughts, a mind blazes through not only brings the mind and body in the coalition but also extends the practitioners’ emotional quotient and wisdom on the trivial matters life puts forward.

Spiritual Healing

We have often heard these lines

  • Our vibes did not match
  • His energy did not feel right
  • He was exuding bad vibes
  • Good vibes only

It would not be unsound to assume that people carry with themselves diverse forms of energy. Some people make others feel at ease, while some people make others feel uncomfortable. 

Yoga teaches us to get in touch with the soul by linking the mind with the body. The practice of yoga would convert the yogi mindset from getting fit to get in touch with their soul in the long run.

It is a gratifying experience that only the dedicated can realize. Yoga is not merely an exercise form rather a form of life.

Yoga is an alternative lifestyle form that would lead people to a healthier lifestyle and also to the path of spiritual healing.

Robust Physical Health 

The numerous physical benefits of adapting to a yoga-centric lifestyle are out open for the world to experience. 

 From managing the blood sugar and blood pressure levels to improving flexibility, yoga does it all!

 Mentioned below are a *few* perks of adopting yoga (since it is not possible to list down the never-ending gains of practicing yoga) –

  • Strengthens the core and enhances flexibility
  • Keeps the heart in a tip-top condition
  • Regulates the blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Kick starts healthy eating habits (the people practicing yoga would instinctively want to adopt a healthier lifestyle)
  • Balances the sleep cycle
  • Help in reducing migraines

After presenting all the above facts, yoga is indeed the means to a blissful end!


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