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What is the Best Time to do Yoga? Find Out!

Published on 09 Jan 2022

What is the Best Time to do Yoga? Find Out!

One might wonder after or before indulging in the practice of yoga, what hour of the day would be the best time to do yoga for weight loss, gain strength, improve flexibility, and other potent tools imbued by yoga practice. Well, to cut to the chase, the right time to do yoga is whenever you feel is the best time for you to do it

There is no one specific time slot where you can let the wonders of yoga sink in, however, it is the commitment to imbibe the practice of yoga in your daily routine which will ultimately reflect the results. In short, instead of centering your entire schedule around yoga, let yoga fall into your schedule seamlessly. 

Once you have figured out the duration of the day you wish to practice Yoga, it would instill a sense of discipline and order if you stick to it. Although, each morning entails chaos that we cannot presuppose, so it is absolutely acceptable to shift your practice to the morning or late evening with respect to the matters at hand.

That being said, we have listed the differences one would face if practiced during a specific time in a day- 

Pros of Morning Yoga Practice

1. Energizing gateway to your day: Making it a habit of practicing yoga early in the morning can boost your energy levels and set you in the right tone to face the rest of your day head-on.

2. Manageable morning yoga routine: Since most people have the day ahead of themselves planned out, finding time in the morning to squeeze in your yoga practice seems sensible. 

3. Utilizing the morning zest: For some, the energy residing in their body from the moment they wake up could be channelized by practicing yoga instead of later on the day when the vigor dissipates. 

4. Levels up metabolism: Yoga provides a healthy way to boost your metabolism, maintain your sugar level and promote better digestion throughout the day.

Mindful Notes For Morning Yoga Practice:

You can try the following yoga poses to consolidate your practice-

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Utkatasana {Chair Pose}
  • Parivrtta Utkatasana {Revolved Chair Pose}
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana {Downward Facing Dog}
  • Anjaneyasana {Low Lunge}
  • Trikonasana {Triangle Pose}

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Pros of Afternoon Yoga Practice

1. Shake off the day thus far: If you incorporate your yoga practice in the afternoons, then it can be an awesome tool to dispel your morning stress and acquire composure. 

2. Build up an appetite for the next meal: If you are to incorporate yoga practice well in the afternoons, then you will be setting up your appetite for the upcoming meals of your day. Be sure to maintain a gap of 2-3 hours after your meal and your afternoon yoga practice.

3. Easy on the muscles: For people who experience stiff muscles in the wee hours of the morning, n afternoon practice seems the perfect cure. Your muscles would be much relaxed and loose in the afternoons to work on your flexibility and try out all sorts of crazy asanas.

4. Fine-tune your practice your strength: You have the liberty to mold your yoga practice with respect to your energy levels. For instance, if you feel all invigorated during afternoons, a challenging practice might be the right vessel. However, if you are worked up, a light and cozy practice might serve as the restorative yoga practice to wind down.

Mindful Notes For Afternoon Yoga Practice:

You can try the following yoga poses to consolidate your practice-

  • Cobra Pose {Bhujangasana}
  • Goddess Pose {Utkata Konasana}
  • Reverse Warrior {Viparita Virabhadrasana}
  • Wide Legged Standing Forward Fold {Prasarita Padottanasana}
  • Plank Pose {Phalakasana}
  • Sphinx Pose {Salamba Bhujangasana}

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Pros of Evening Yoga Practice

1. Dispel the days' strain: One of the plus points of evening yoga is the chance to clear the days' fog and set the pace for the night by filling up on the calm factor.

2. Amelirorate Stress: You will feel the stress of the day melt away as you hop on your mat for your practice.

3. Let relaxation sit-in: As stress alleviates from your mind, body, and soul, the effect of relaxation and rejuvenation starts to sit in.

4. Great tool for digestion: Evening yoga paves the way for healthy digestion of the meals consumed throughout the day.

5. Improve sleep-cycle: Yoga in the evening is a wonderful way to secure sound sleep for a peaceful morning!

Mindful Notes For Evening Yoga Practice:

You can try the following yoga poses to consolidate your practice-

  • Seated Forward Bend {Paschimottanasana}
  • Plow Pose {Halasana}
  • Supine Bound Angle Pose {Supta Baddha Konasana}
  • Leg Up The Wall Pose {Viparita Karani}
  • Corpse Pose {Savasana}

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Ending Thoughts

What is the best time to do Yoga? The onus to answer that question lies on you. Ultimately, it is your schedule, mood, and strength at play when you decide the duration of the day best-suited for your Yoga practice. No matter which time you pick, sticking to it will be the test of time! 

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