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Best Places To Visit According To Your Zodiac Sign

Published on 09 Feb 2022

Best Places To Visit According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whether or not you believe in the concept of astrology and its claim that our personality is in tandem with our stars, we all have been guilty at least once in our life of yearning to know what our stars hide in store for us. While the cheerleaders of astrology agree that their Sun Sign gives an apt description of their personality, many a time you can deduce your ideal travel destination through your personality as well! 

Best Places To Visit According To Your Zodiac Sign

  We have chalked some destinations that might tone down the stress of finding the locations you would be most allured towards by matching them with your personality traits. So, read on to find your travel places in India and Overseas and gear up your travel itinerary 

1. Capricorn [ December 22 - January 19 ]

The most driven sign amongst all, Capricorns never settle for anything other than the best. They are disciplined and organized in their approach and value the companionship of someone who shares their thirst for knowledge. Capricorns would enjoy themselves the best when surrounded by their close ones and prefer convenience over anything. They deserve a full-fledged vacation and short getaways might not satiate them. They are a comprehensive personality package of reason and ambition.

Places to Explore in India:  Agra | Rajasthan | Goa | Kerala | Varanasi | Hampi

International Places to Explore: Spain | Tokyo | Los Angeles | Greece | Taiwan 

Travel Companions: Taurus & Virgo

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2. Aquarius [ January 20 - February 18 ]

Tirthan Valley
Tirthan Valley

Lover of independence and a head-strong personality, Aquarians love to be free-spirited even when it comes to choosing their travel destination. They find their own way through things, be it warming up with the locals or soaking in peace amongst vast expanses of scenic sights. Often their quirky creativeness makes them an adventurer of traversing off beaten paths, and it spills over to their travel choices! Music and solace mixed with creative mates are what would make an Aquarian's trip complete. 

Places to Explore in India:  Kasol | Tosh | Tirthan Valley | Andaman & Nicobar Islands | Srinagar 

International Places to Explore: Madrid | North America | Finland | Sri Lanka | Tanzania 

Travel Companions: Aries & Gemini

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3. Pisces [ February 19 - March 20 ]


A traveler holding love for nature and peace define our compassionate Pisceans. Being a water sign, it is no wonder that they get all feverishly jumpy for water sports such as scuba diving, river rafting, and more. They prefer places rooted in lush regions and would easily pass posh places. Not picky about beaches or mountains, the Pisceans carry the wanderlust gene letting them make smart travel plans without any hassle! They love the companion of their close ones such as family & friends and turn away crowded places in a heartbeat. 

Places to Explore in India:  Goa | The Valley of Flowers | Lakshadweep | Coorg | Mandarmani

International Places to Explore: Maldives | Peru | Bali | Tibet | Seychelles

Travel Companions: Aries & Gemini

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4. Aries [ March 21 - April 19 ]


The life of every party and an adventurous soul, the fire sign of Aries burns deep in electrifying every plan they make. They are enthused about almost anything and down for everything, their heart lies in experiencing an adrenaline rush when they plan their travel. Adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, bike trips, surfing, etc., need to be on their itinerary! From emitting positivity to knowing all the good spots to eat, travel and stay, an Aries trip is the way we like to do it!

Places to Explore in India:  Rishikesh | Ladakh | Meghalaya | Gulmarg | Lahaul-Spiti | Manali

International Places to Explore: Greece | Rio de Janerio | Kingston | Portugal | Montana

Travel Companions: Virgo, Sagittarius & Gemini

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5. Taurus [ April 20 - May 20 ] 

Daman and Diu
Daman and Diu

Tauruses are all about the 'comfortably luxurious vibe' when it comes to traveling. They are not afraid of indulging in all things plush as royal spa therapy, fine-dining in aesthetical spots, and going out for luxurious trips. Being an Earth sing, nature allures them and they take their time in planning a trip and reject rushing. When on a trip, Tauruses bask in the glory of their planning by enjoying the winter sun on a beach bed, sitting atop treehouses amid lush hills, or tuning into the melodious waterfalls!

Places to Explore in India:  South Goa | Kochi | Athirappilly | Daman & Diu | Kerala | Srinagar

International Places to Explore: Cape Town | Italy | Thailand | Dubai | Milan

Travel Companions: Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer

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6. Gemini [ May 21-June 20 ]


An inquisitive traveler and sociable in nature fuse to create Gemini's personality. They are curious about everything and desire to attain as much knowledge as possible. The same applies when it comes to choosing a travel destination, a historically & culturally affluent city would draw their soul like a moth to the flame. Their special skill is their accommodativeness, from street-side food to luxurious dining, a Gemini would be down for all till they get a versatile travel experience

Places to Explore in India:  Jaipur | Mumbai | Pushkar | Meghalaya | Ranthambore National Park | Ajanta and Ellora Caves

International Places to Explore: Singapore | Machu Picchu | Cyprus | New York | Venice

Travel Companions: Aquarius and Libra

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7. Cancer [ June 21-July 22 ]


Cancerians hold their comfort dear and usually are content at home. If in the mood to go out, they plan their trips with their loved ones. Cancerians prefer places that cast a magical spell on their eyes, heart, and soul as well as enjoy exploring places that bring warmth, privacy, and luxury. A Cancerian rather than plunging organize their trips and seeks peace by traveling with other travel enthusiasts. A solace-seeking traveler would define a Cancerian!

Places to Explore in India:  Alleppey | Gokarna | Munnar | Pondicherry Udaipur | Similipal

International Places to Explore: Bora Bora | Lake Tahoe | Hawaii | Malibu | Philippines

Travel Companions: Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio

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8. Leo [ July 23 – August 22 ]


Leos are passionate people that seek out the finest of everything. They travel in style and communicate their desires openly. You can enjoy wonderfully rich encounters with a Leo. They adore elegant, culturally rich destinations with a touch of natural beauty thrown in for good measure. A Leo's spirit will always be brightened by good music and delectable cuisine. They are very energetic and eager travelers. They make certain that their travels are worthy of being shared on social media.

Places to Explore in India:  Jaipur | Udaipur | Khajuraho | Gwalior | Murshidabad | Hampi

International Places to Explore: Buenos Aires | Bolivia | Budapest | Hong Kong | Bhutan

Travel Companions: Aries and Gemini

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9. Virgo [ August 23 – September 22 ]

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

Because Virgos are renowned as "perfectionists," they love trips that are meticulously planned and controlled. They organize everything ahead of time, create a precise itinerary, and make every effort to guarantee that everything happens as planned. They prepare a list of everything they need to bring, everything they want to see, and everything they want to buy. They will do enough homework (virtually tour the site) before traveling to ensure that they do not get dirty or miss out on anything while actually touring the place. As travel companions, they are very responsible and communicative. Everything will be taken care of by them.

Places to Explore in India:  Rajasthan | Spiti Valley | Tamil Nadu | Darjeeling | Varanasi | Kolkata

International Places to Explore: Tokyo | Malaysia | Gibraltar | Mexico | Amsterdam

Travel Companions: Taurus and Cancer

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10. Libra [ September 23 – October 22 ]


Libras are innate dreamers with a high creative propensity. On a journey, they enjoy receiving surprises from their loved ones. A Libra is drawn to things that are romantic, such as a stroll through a rich green mountainous vineyard or a seashore meal beneath the stars. They want to get the most out of their trip and hope the same for their companions. In fact, they are concerned about whether or not their travel companions are having fun with them. As a result, reassurance in this area might ease their anxieties and make them happier. They enjoy both organized and adventurous activities. They are quite adaptable, regardless of the location. Experiences in the destinations are more important to Libras.

Places to Explore in India:  Kanyakumari | Matheran | Pangong Lake | Munnar | Zuluk | Gulmarg

International Places to Explore: Greece | Paris | Sicily | Istanbul | Florence

Travel Companions: Virgo, Aries and Gemini

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11. Scorpio [ October 23 – November 21 ]


Scorpions yearn for some alone time in a quiet location with plenty of pristine beauty and a little adventure. They prefer to travel alone and require a great deal of autonomy in organising their vacations to suit their needs. When it comes to travelling with a partner, they are quite romantic and love a lot of seclusion in the great outdoors. They are enigmatic and enjoy spending time in calm mountains, monasteries, and other such settings. Scorpions like to avoid crowded areas.

Places to Explore in India:  Kaffergaon | Udaipur | Bir Billing | Dharamshala | Rishikesh | Kodaikanal

International Places to Explore: Prague | Johannesburg | Costa Rica | Koh Phangan | Iceland

Travel Companions: Capricorn and Libra

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12. Sagittarius [ November 22 – December 21 ]


Sagittarians enjoy having a good time, and their conversational personality allows them to make a lot of new acquaintances along the way. They want freedom while traveling and love long vacations. They aim to see as many destinations as possible in one trip. They have unrestricted souls, allowing them to blend in harmoniously with their surroundings and people. They don't stick to rigid schedules and prefer to go with the flow.

Places to Explore in India:  Lachen-Lachung | Shillong | Tawang | Mcleodganj | Arunachal Pradesh | Kasol

International Places to Explore: Orcas Island | New Zealand | Myanmar | Vietnam | South America

Travel Companions: Aries, Leo and Gemini 

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