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11 Healthy Alternatives for your Daily meals (Eat Healthily, Not Scarcely)

Published on 27 May 2021

11 Healthy Alternatives for your Daily meals (Eat Healthily, Not Scarcely)

We understand the late-night cravings, temptations of chocolates, and the need to be healthy all at once. But, by substituting the unhealthy bits for a healthier alternative, you might be able to strike that balance without detoxing the hell out of you.  

We are here to save your healthy breakfast, luncheon, and dinner with a few swaps to incur in your daily eating routine to feel guilt-free and gobble your way to a hale and hearty life!

1. Switch half the oil with Applesauce when Baking

Have a dangerously severe sweet tooth and a knack for baking? Then the enormous sugar and oil intake could pose some problems. But, we are here to let you know the healthier and tastier version of baked goods. Applesauce!

For every ½ cup of oil you swap with applesauce, you skip out on 900 calories and 110 grams of fat. 

Also, switching to applesauce will bring a change of texture. Hence, balancing the oil to applesauce ratio should be strictly experimental!

2. Strips of Zucchini for Noodles (You won’t even have to boil it)

These curly-tailed green strips serve as the perfect healthy alternative for making your noodles lighter on the stomach. Their immense benefits are known to all, and zucchini acts as perfect dressings for many more dishes such as salads.

You can spiralize your zucchini noodles into many different shapes and sizes. Thus, an element to play around with!

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3. Cacao nibs for chocolate chips 

Cacoo nibs can easily be a chocolate chip substitute. Chocolate chips start out as cacao nibs. 

Often termed as ‘super food’, they contain no sugar, tiny fat percentage, and the chocolate smell we want in our pancakes, cookies, or any, other baked goods.  

A super healthy substitute for any recipe requiring a dash of choco chips!

4. Vanilla extract for sugar

Swapping vanilla extract for sugar might be the wisest and tastiest choice you will ever make!

An extra teaspoon of vanilla extract would fetch you the same results as 2 teaspoons of sugar. 

Your cookies, cakes, or muffins would add flavor while keeping the sugar levels at a minimum. 

5. Home brewed, unsweetened iced tea for juice

Well, we all need something icy and flavorly during the summers to revitalize ourselves. But the bottled cans, juices carry way more sugar than we need to take. 

So, the next time you feel like the sun rays are making your throat dry, whip up a home-brewed unsweetened iced tea to quench it.  

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6. Replace tonic water with soda water

Do you want bubbly water with a pinch of lime and less sugar? Then, substitute your tonic water with soda. Soda water gives you the same tang with 32 grams less sugar per 12 ounces, making it a healthy alternative.

7. Mashed-Avocado works just as well as Jam

Jam and Bread is the go-to breakfast for many kids well into adulthood. It is fuss-free and time-saving but fat-full!

You can choose a healthier substitute by smashing half avocado and topping it off with a lemon paired with an egg or two. 

Avocado’s fiber and cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated will fill you up with healthy nutrients, and you will be satisfied till lunchtime.

8. Hummus for Mayo is a smart move

Hummus knocks the humdrum mayo and adds more flavor to your meals. If you need some convincing, then gaze down at the facts below and ditch mayo today for a healthier meal!

A tablespoon of the stuff has 95 calories and 10 grams of fat. Chickpea-based hummus, however, has 25 calories, 1.4 grams of fat, and 1.2 grams of protein per tablespoon.

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9. Trade Potato chips for Kale ones

Toss a few of these leafy greens and roll them around a humble amount of olive oil. Top it off with salt and pepper, paprika, or chili powder, or your favorite seasoning. 

Voila! A healthy alternative to chips is ready.   

10. Let's eat the whole fruit than drinking it

If you are going through the trouble of making a juice out of your fruit, would eating it not be a healthier option?

The fruit's sugar accumulates in your blood at a lower and slower rate if you eat the fruit whole than if you drink straight fruit juice.

Moreover, eating the fruit would make for a healthy breakfast that will keep you full and your body nutritious. 

11. Pasta can be swapped for Spaghetti Squash

A wholesome and low-card substitute for pasta would go to spaghetti squash. Fork around a roasted squash, and it would cater to your appetite in two or three servings.

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