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7 tips for gliding between work and life. (Find work-life balance with us!)

Published on 06 Mar 2021

7 tips for gliding between work and life. (Find work-life balance with us!)

The coveted work-life everyone seems to focus on or lecture about, is it even possible? Do you always feel like you are running on a speedy treadmill and can’t afford to stop because opportunities are a concept of once-in-a-lifetime? Have you ever had this urge to slow down your treadmill while you swipe your sweat a bit before you start running with a hasten velocity again? Then, read on because we have a few pointers for you to ponder over!

Let the realization that work-life balance is a make-believe concept dawn on 

We are not denying the judiciousness of managing your work and personal life. But, there will always be days where work is going to take precedence over your personal space. Similarly, days of ‘little work and all play’ will also be sprung on you. 

Balance is the key to a healthy existence, that bit is true. So, instead of beating ourselves over not being able to attain that ideal balance. Let’s create our own balance! 

Blend work with travel

Who said that work has to be confined to a cubicle? COVID-19 conceptualized work from home but let’s give it a whimsical twist and make it Work while Travelling!

New labour laws are tearing apart the 9-5 lifestyle and postulating flexibility in work, right? We can take advantage of these circumstances and work from a comfy hostel with budding travellers or tune into the serenity of beaches or attend our zoom meetings with non-fictional snow-covered hills!

We know this might be unheard of but, at BWT Experiences, we take pride in presenting to our awesome travel community the opportunity of Work From Anywhere. (Escape the city life and blaring noises and explore upbeat destinations while working on your presentation!)

Seek therapeutically-aligned activities (In short, your Hobbies!) 

What involves your senses when not working? If your answer is social media, mindless scrolling, more screen time, you need a pace of change. You need to transpose it with your hobbies.

Hobbies can be any and everything that makes you feel at peace and invigorates your very spirit. The icing on the cake about hobbies is their tendency to re-connect you with your inner child or inner-being. Be it culinary, beauty, artistry or, solely blasting music and dancing around with a mop, hobbies have a way of detoxifying your anxious-self. And this would a fruitful step towards creating your own work-life balance!

Health to enjoy wealth!

If you work draconian hours, your health is bound to get affected, ergo disturbing your professional work. One of the crucial factors of work-life balance is listening to the needs of the body. Now, health encompasses physical and mental well-being, hence opening up a plethora of opportunities for you to choose from!

If your work causes you constant stress and anxiety, you might want to start a wellness routine. If you feel like you have a sedentary lifestyle, you can opt for yoga or working out. The instant you embrace health as a pivotal part of your lifestyle, you will find yourself closer to the much-craved work-life balance! 

Tune out the world when you feel overwhelmed

It is absolutely okay to take a break from round-the-clock work and life’s over-bearing demands. When you feel that you are consuming mindless information that is causing harm to your daily routine, switch to a day or two of digital detox

If your head’s getting crowded with ceaseless thoughts and deadlines, try mental detoxification or meditation. Your well-being should be your utmost priority in this daily-grind. Travel, read, blog, dance, create art or, practice meditation and yoga; make sure that your happiness is not on the back burner!

Travel your heart out

Travel is the ultimate neutralizer! If you are tired of sitting around, then bike trips would be the remedy or weekend trips work just as well. 

You wish to scour 9-5 lifestyle, then long trips or vacation is the way to go. Travel is for all and none hate it. So, the next time you have enough leaves, dart on location and start exploring experiences!

Re-organize your life

If you feel that you at the horn’s head with work and personal life, you always have the option to sit back and examine the root cause. Maybe your work is not the devil, rather your stress of it contributes more to this disbalance. An equilibrium might not always be a feasible solution but wiping out the trigger is!

Try numerous routine, draw schedules and keep testing them out till you find your balance. Maybe re-structuring your day-to-day routine or adding new things to spice it up is the need of the hour. Remember, all this is solely at your discretion!


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