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5 tips to trample on an artistic block!

Published on 09 Mar 2021

5 tips to trample on an artistic block!

Art refuses to be labelled. The activity can not get pigeonholed. For it has wings that can fly with the touch of your uniqueness. Art is a wrapped gift, and unfurling will pave the way to a creative world that is yours to define.

In a data-compact world, we consume texts, illustrations, videos and more at warp speed but, mere consumption of these is an invitation to forget. Use art as an outlet, make use of your senses, what you see, hear, taste, smell; interpret those and express them when your head feels a little too clouded.

You do not have to be Picasso to create. Instead, all you need is to enjoy the process of creating and let the end product be. Do not create for exhibitions; rather express your creative emotions!

Well, everyone needs a push once in a while to remember why they started their artistic journey. Here are our 5 tips we feel will help you get started or roll your soul out of the rut!

Let your emotion take charge.

The forms of art offer a canvas to spill your unplumbed emotions. Switch off your rational brain for a moment and let the irrational fieriness flow. Every artist may have a different approach, but all answer to their intuition. Follow this intuition and start drawing, sketching, shadowing, painting, writing or a mixture of all!

You do this for you

Ask when you find yourself trapped in the vicious cycle of ‘They can do it so much better', why did you want to start or started in the first place?

If your answer has a semblance to this phrase below- 

An artist creates art first and foremost for him/herself. So create, create because you must and create because it is who you are.

Then, sow the seeds of splendid artwork and ditch your inhibitions!

You set your boundaries.

An artist walks on a million roads to create a piece. So, do not pen in your zealous artistry to one road. Rather walk on one, jump on another and dance on the others! 

The word rules and regulations have no meaning in art. Let it come to you, and trust us art, always does!

Inspiration is everywhere  

Inspiration is waiting for you and not the other way around. Look at clouds, and their disfigured illusions will inspire you, the crescent moon changing its style every night, the people on metros, the purple-haired kids in colleges, wherever you set your eyes, you will get inspired! 

So, do not flop on your bed because nothing comes to the mind as alternative draw inspiration from your capricious mood.

Name your mistakes as Happy Accidents

You spent days on a piece and, an asinine stroke pushes it into pits. Before you start glaring at the end result, time travel to the process before the stroke. Was it not peaceful yet enthralling? Did it not stir your creative juices? Then, how is it a mistake; by contrast, it is a happy accident!


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