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Beauty knows no boundaries! (5 Beauty rituals from around the world)

Published on 05 Mar 2021

Beauty knows no boundaries! (5 Beauty rituals from around the world)

Beauty knows no rules nor abides by technicalities. Every culture has its beauty secrets that work wonders. India has its ever-famous Ayurveda to boast about and, likewise, tips and tricks of beauty have descended in every part of the world by their ‘beauty enthusiasts’. 

So the next time someone pokes you about the miracles of ‘Multani mitti’, ‘mehndi’, or the old school oily champi, instead of dismissing them, we can try them out! We will be spilling five beauty rituals few and far between diverse cultures and, maybe you will find new beauty experiences to add to your daily routine. 

Let the potatoes rest atop your eyes! (A Spanish trick for dark circles)

We all must have tried the cucumber spamming our eyes trick, right? Be it dark circles or puffiness around our eyes, cucumber to the rescue!

But did you know potato slices work just as well? Vitamin C present in potatoes not only does the trick for reducing pigmentation but also bestows a calming effect. The antioxidants, minerals and nutrients in potatoes work like a charm for providing the right nourishment to your eyes.

So the next time you have trouble with your dark circles, slice up those potatoes and maybe save some for french fries!

Garlic, the secret to long nails? (Try it the Dominican way!)

Brittle nails? Nails declared war against growth? Then, try garlic!

We know garlic seems like a freaky technique to use for nail growth and sustenance. But, did you know that the presence of selenium (a mineral shouldering on countless responsibilities) in garlic will not only accelerate the nail growth but also take care of your mani-pedi needs!

So, whether you decide to pour garlic oil in your nail-polish (leave it for 7-8 days before applying), apply a garlic-nail mask or massage your nails with garlic, we wish you and your nails a ‘Healthy Growing’!

Sandalwood Paste- The Myanmar Sunscreen 

Well, we present nature's way to blockade the summer rays of the sun from all the way to Myanmar!

The Myanmar beauties use Thankar as their ultimate sunscreen and cream that caters to their every beauty need. Be it softer skin, anti-ageing or getting that glow, thankar is their anchor. Men and women wear the white sandalwood paste and flock to local markets without a care in the world because beauty knows no place!

Daisy Water (Turkey knew it all!)

Always wondered what your hair would like with highlights? Want to try an optimum method for shiny and lustrous hair? Then, boil daisies in a cup of water and feel the magic happen!

Daisy water is the most utilizable solution for all your hair problems in a non-detrimental manner. It is a nifty technique for women with blonde or light brown hair. Turkey women have been using this method for ages and, now we have decoded the secret behind their radiant hair. 

The spooky Snail Serum (The untold Korean beauty-aid)

This last hack might sound peculiar but, works miraculously as proved by the luminous skin of Koreans!

The Koreans massage snail serum into the skin to open up pores and expel out dirt in a circular motion. This hack ends up giving them an authentic facelift and provides a solid base for applying make-up. The best part about using snail serum is that it solidifies the make-up and conditions it to be long-lasting!


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