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Health Equate

Health Equate

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Health Equate's experiences

Online Energy Healing Sessions
30 Days

₹1,024 ₹799/month

Online Meditation Classes For Stress
30 Days

About Health Equate

Health Equate is an eccentric blend of therapies including physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, holistic healing and meditation. These therapies are intended to provide you with a healthy and fit physical body, and a happy peaceful mind. We all crave an inner and outer healthy body and a healthy mind. Researches have proved that body movements have the ability to heal injury and bring fitness. Numerous studies prove that good body language has a positive impact on our mind.

Through these yoga sessions, the members get accustomed to their body movements and embrace a peaceful state of mind. The instructor illuminates yoga as a holistic tool that imparts body strength, flexibility, alignment, and detoxifies the body and mind, also nurtures the soul.