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Private Healing Session

Private Healing Session

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What you will do

These sessions have been designed to enhance your emotional and mental hygiene by restoring your body's innate ability to heal itself. Being healthy inside and out is the obligation for happy life.Energy stagnates in the body where there has been physical injury or ailment or any emotional pain. Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blockages.

Choose for what aspect of life you require healing : 

  • Healing session for psychological issues like 
  • Stress, anxiety, depression etc.
  • Relationship Healing
  • Financial Healing
  • Healing session for any Physical ailment or injury like diabetes, stroke, heart ailments, musculoskeletal ailments etc.

How it will benefit you?

Our designed healing sessions will help you 

  • Strengthening your immune system and treats all kinds of acute and chronic conditions.
  • Restoring healthy and harmonious functioning of all body systems.
  • Developing Healthy and Prosperous mentality that brings you abundance and success.
  • Aiding in releasing old pent up emotions, guilt and remorses that keeps you from growth and success.
  • Bring you Peace and happiness.
  • Release anger and other emotions from the root and go towards compassion and peace.


• Private healing session.

• 45 mins sessions.

• Interactive session.

• learn further self healing techniques.

• Transformative sessions leading to resolution of inner conflicts and build your better self.

Joining Details

Step 01: Book your favourite online experience

Step 02: Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device.

Step 03: After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure to Bathe prior to Session or do not bathe up till 10 hrs after the session.
  • Avoid anything cold for 2 hours after the session.
  • Make sure of your internet connectivity.
  • laptop/phone should be charged enough.
  • Do not wear diamonds or crystals during session.
  • Avoid wearing silk and leather.
  • Use any comfortable posture during session.
  • Prefer comfortable clothing during session.
  • Fix your Phone/Laptop & set frame for be
  • better visibility of trainers video.
  • Make sure you are not interrupted by any phone calls during the sessions.
  • Kindly inform if you have any medical problem of if you are a pregnant lady
  • We will be unavailable during Internet Shutdown by Government.
  • No Online session during National Holidays.

Cancellation Policy

No refund will be provided in case of cancellation.

Session can be rescheduled in case of emergency.

organised by  Health Equate

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Popular questions

Are these live sessions? Can I ask questions during the sessions?

Yes, these are live and interactive sessions. of course, you can ask questions but we request you to ask you questions at the starting or at the end of the sessions.

What if I miss one class, can it be rescheduled?

No, in case you miss any classes the class cannot be rescheduled as it is a monthly subscription (can be done in one-on-one sessions)

Will I be joining a new batch or an on-going one or when does the batch starts?

The classes happens on regular basis which can be attended at any time.

Do I need to keep my camera/webcam on?

It completely depends upon your choice, keep it on if you will comfortable otherwise keep it turned off.

Will I get a link after booking the session?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail right after booking the session with all the joining details and joining instructions.

I have got a medical condition, can I get the sessions accordingly?

In case you have a medical condition, please tell us before joining the class so that we can inform the yogi/yogini. The instructor will make sure that you’ve been provided with custom asanas.

Can I get a trial class?

Sorry but at the moment we do not offer any trial classes as our prices are already very affordable.

What will be the maximum and minimum strength of a group session?

The maximum and the minimum number of people in the group will be 30 and 60 respectively.