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Travel in Jibhi & Jalori

Explore Travel in Jibhi & Jalori

Work from The Hostellers Jibhi, Hostel in Jibhi

₹1,900 per person

2 Days 1 Night Jibhi & Jalori Trip
2 Days

₹6,500 per person

3 Days 2 Night Jibhi-Jalori Weekend Getaway
3 Days

₹6,900 per person

3 Days 2 Night Explore the amazing Jibhi & Jalori Pass
3 Days

₹6,499 per person

3 Days 2 Nights Jibhi-Jalori-Tirthan Tour
3 Days

About Jibhi & Jalori

Banjar is a town in Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Tirthan and Jibhi valley are the two main attractions in Banjar. It is extended to further region through the Jalori pass. Jibhi & Tirthan valleys are known for their mountain visuals, divine scenic beauty relaxing activities like book reading, fishing and nature walk. We will start our journey by taking a nature walk and visit the magic of Jibhi's natural beauty and also Jibhi waterfall, sarolsar lake, Jalori pass, Great Himalayan national park etc. and we will enjoy the trek, sightseeing, group lunch, group dinners and musical bonfires here with lots of fun and talks with our group throughout the journey. Most of the houses at Jibhi are made of stone and wood. People of Banjar celebrate many festivals like Magh-Sakranti (In January), Faguli(In March), Shairi (In September) and Diwali. We Don't know about your past experience but yes, you will love this place and travel experience very much with us.

About Travel

Traveling is fun and. exciting at the same time but it should be easy on your pockets and obviously with an amazing company. Join us in this wonderful journey with our clad and experience the place, its people, their taste in the most amazing way.