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Vaccine Passports: Meaning, Use and Why you might need one?

Published on 22 Jun 2021

Vaccine Passports: Meaning, Use and Why you might need one?

In a few months, we may need to add a new kind of Passport to our Things to carry Travel checklist. Passports certifying your health, and you might want to fill this one with the latest vaccines while you scribble down umpteenth countries you plan to embrace your spirit to in your routine Passport. 

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So, your International Travel Checklist for 2021 is going to resemble-

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Boarding Pass
  • Rucksack


  • Vaccine Passports!?

What is a Vaccine Passport? 

Vaccine Passports or Digital Vaccine Certificates, aka, 'Digital Green Certificate' a term coined by the EU, details the proof of your immunization status.

Identical to vaccine tracker apps like Aarogya Setu in India, Vaccine Passports will certify if you are up-to-date with the latest vaccines. Once found eligible, you will get a nod to continue with your travel plans to enter various jurisdictions and sites in different countries.

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The concept in itself is nothing out of the blue, as countries have previously pressed the travelers entering their region to be inoculated against certain diseases.

But the good news is we could potentially undertake international travel again if the motion of vaccine passports in India gets implemented.

Why do we need Vaccine Passports for International Travel?

“There’s long been testing requirements for entering countries, including the U.S., and I think you can’t ignore the building data that these vaccines are highly effective not just in preventing illness but also preliminary data that they also appear to reduce transmission. It’s another tool that can be used to make travel safer,” Dr. Henry Wu, director of Emory TravelWell Center and associate professor of infectious diseases at Emory University School of Medicine, told Healthline (a blogging platform).

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Vaccine Passports will help ease out the travel process in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reassurance of the traveler's vaccine status to the authorities will help resume international travel sooner than later.

Digital Green certificate would negate the obligation to quarantine frequent fliers and carrying a negative RT-CPR test. Consequently, vaccine passports will be the proverbial shooting of two birds with an arrow!

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Would the Vaccine Passport be in digital form?

Yes! You would not have to burden the hassle of carrying two paper format passports as the Vaccine Passports would most likely be in digital form.

Just a few clicks on your phone to verify that you are fully vaccinated and ready to travel around the world!

Which countries have started using Vaccine Passports?

  • In India, the mechanism to use digital vaccine passports are under deliberation.
  • China has already rolled out its digital vaccine passports. People can get the travel nod by accessing the vaccine passports via an app that requires scanning a QR code for confirmation.
  • The EU is in talks over developing a platform for 'Digital Green Certificates'.
  • Israel too debuted 'Green Pass' that permits fully recovered COVID-19 patients and fully vaccinated people to strut around town.
  • Numerous US universities have asked their students to upload their vaccine certificates online to enter the campus.

Ergo, vaccine passports possibly will become a crucial digital document for traveling the world.

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Our advice would be to get #vaccinated ASAP


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