Charcoal 101 I Create Charcoal Painting

Charcoal 101 I Create Charcoal Painting

Live Classes

2 Hours

Join From Anywhere

English/Hindi Language


·       Gain a better sense of aesthetic

·       Explore and Enhance creativity

·       Practice and create realistic drawings

·       Learn techniques of blending and shading

What you will do

·       Get familiar with the concepts of Charcoal as a medium

·       Acquire a sense of Composition and Perspective

·       Understand all about Lights and Shadows

·       Hone the skill of Shading and Blending

·       Learn about Human Anatomy and Figurative Art

·       Instill the keen technique of Drawing from Observation

Short itinerary

Do you want to bring out the inner artist residing inside you? Enjoy shading and experiencing quirky art forms?


Charcoal art is immensely gratifying as it is exquisitely perfect for beginners and practitioners of the art. One can make dramatically stupefying images with just shades of black and, with a little bit of training, one can hone their skill of shading and blending with ease.


Each session offered in this program will delve into different techniques used in charcoal art and explore various art genres as well as figurative drawings, landscape and perspective drawings.


Book your session today and refine your flawless artistic instincts!


·       2-hour session during each weekend (1-hour each on Saturday and Sunday)

·       Minimum use of jargons and insider language

·       Interactive sessions

·       Practice assignments after each class

·       Q&A bout for the inquisitive ones


·       Material required for the sessions

Things to keep in mind

Please keep the following in handy for a smooth session!


·       Charcoal Pencil/Charcoal Sticks (Mandatory)

·       Kneaded Eraser (Optional)

·       Paper Stumps (Optional)

·       White Drawing Sheets (Mandatory)

Cancellation Policy

In case of any cancellation, no refund shall be provided


2-hour per weekend




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Popular questions

What will be the maximum and minimum strength of a group session?

The maximum and the minimum number of people in the group will be 30 and 60 respectively.

What if I miss one class, can it be rescheduled?

No, in case you miss any classes the class cannot be rescheduled as it is a monthly subscription (can be done in one-on-one sessions)

Are these live sessions? Can I ask questions during the sessions?

Yes, these are live and interactive sessions. of course, you can ask questions but we request you to ask you questions at the starting or at the end of the sessions.

Will I be joining a new batch or an on-going one or when does the batch starts?

The classes happens on regular basis which can be attended at any time.

Will I get a link after booking the session?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail right after booking the session with all the joining details and joining instructions.

Can I get a trial class?

Sorry but at the moment we do not offer any trial classes as our prices are already very affordable.

Do I need to keep my camera/webcam on?

It completely depends upon your choice, keep it on if you will comfortable otherwise keep it turned off.

I have got a medical condition, can I get the sessions accordingly?

In case you have a medical condition, please tell us before joining the class so that we can inform the yogi/yogini. The instructor will make sure that you’ve been provided with custom asanas.