Inculcate a healthy lifestyle in your Little Ones!

Inculcate a healthy lifestyle in your Little Ones!

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4 - 4:45 PM

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What you will do

If this Pandemic has taught parents one thing, that is, the utmost importance of keeping your kids engaged in meaningful activities! BWT Experience has the perfect antidote to let you have an hour of peace, YOGA FOR KIDS! 

Yoga for Kids is the perfect amalgamation of a healthy and focused lifestyle with a bit of fun for your little ones.

Outline of the Session

  • 45 Minute session catering to your child’s specific needs and comfort level with a skilled Yogi/Yogini every day.
  • The sessions would be between 4-4:45 pm from Monday-Saturday.
  • The yoga sessions would be available for 1-month.
  • Every session would focus on providing your child Posture guidance and support.
  • Each session would strive to create an interactive and exuberant environment for your child.

After every session, your kid/s can have a Q&A bout with the Yogi/Yogini.

How it will benefit you?

Benefits (How your child can extract the most out of these sessions!)

  • Emotional Development Amplified levels of Optimism
  • Improved Academic performance 
  • Boosts self-awareness and enhances social skills
  • Strengthens Mind-Body coordination
  • Refines and develops Physical Flexibility
  • Sharpens problem-solving abilities 
  • Yoga for Kids would pave the way to let your kids have a new and healthy hobby!

This list would go on and on, proving how Yoga for Kids is the ultimate tried and tested way to keep kids mindfully engaged.


  • 1-month Online yoga sessions to keep the little ones occupied!
  • Daily 1-hour session to maintain a pattern of consistency.
  • Immensely Interactive sessions focused on creating a safe and fun environment for your kids!
  • Special emphasis on Posture guidance and support

(Classes will not take place on Sunday or any national holiday)

Joining Details

Step 1: Once you book an experience you’ll receive the joining details via email.

Step 2 : Download the required platform Zoom for the session

Step 3: Join the session by just clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button from your email or from my bookings section.

Things to keep in mind

Look out for these Guidelines!

  • Choose a peaceful setting for enriching these yoga sessions to the full extent!
  • Excellent internet connection to avoid the obnoxious lagging mid-session
  • Make sure your Laptop/Mobile is fully charged 
  • Always keep a water bottle by their side. Stay hydrated!
  • Dress them in comfortable clothing and roll out their colorful yoga mats for a relaxing hour of yoga every day.
  • Angle your Mobile/Laptop for better visibility during the sessions. Don’t want your kids missing out on all the zen poses!

Kindly inform us about any medical ailment/condition before booking a session with us.

Cancellation Policy


Offer ends in 2 days 11 hours 40 min 34 sec

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6 months



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Offer ends in 2 days 11 hours 40 min 34 sec


organised by  Health Equate

Meet the instructors

Dr. Neha

Dr. Neha

8+ Years of Experience


Certified Yoga Instructor


Dr. Neha Gupta is an experienced Physical Therapist and Pranic healer with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. She possesses exceptional skills in Pranic Healing, Crystal healing, Healthcare, Yoga, and Fitness. She has also been running a successful clinic for 8 years.

Through her yoga sessions, she helps the members to get accustomed to their body movements and embrace a peaceful state of mind. She illuminates yoga as a holistic tool that imparts body strength, flexibility, alignment, and detoxifies the body and mind, also nurtures the soul.

Popular questions

Will I be joining a new batch or an on-going one or when does the batch starts?

The maximum and the minimum number of people in the group will be 10 and 35 respectively.

Are these live sessions? Can I ask questions during the sessions?

Yes, these are live and interactive sessions. of course, you can ask questions but we request you to ask you questions at the starting or at the end of the sessions.

What if I miss one class, can it be rescheduled?

No, in case you miss any classes the class cannot be rescheduled as it is a monthly subscription (can be done in one-on-one sessions)

Can I get a trial class?

Sorry but at the moment we do not offer any trial classes as our prices are already very affordable.

What will be the maximum and minimum strength of a group session?

The maximum and the minimum number of people in the group will be 10 and 35 respectively.

I have got a medical condition, can I get the sessions accordingly?

In case you have a medical condition, please tell us before joining the class so that we can inform the yogi/yogini. The instructor will make sure that you’ve been provided with custom asanas.

Will I get a link after booking the session?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail right after booking the session with all the joining details and joining instructions.

Do I need to keep my camera/webcam on?

It completely depends upon your choice, keep it on if you will comfortable otherwise keep it turned off.