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Explore the amazing beaches of Mangalore with BWT experiences.


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4 Days Surf Camp in Mangalore, Karnataka
4 Days

About Mangalore

Explore the port city of southern India, Mangalore, located in Karnataka. Mangalore, now Mangaluru, named after the goddess Mangladevi, boasts a plethora of temples, beaches, churches and hypnotizing sunrise and sunset view.

Often referred to as the ‘melting pot’ of cultures, Mangalore has seen an influx of youth from diverse backgrounds enriching the city’s customs and values. A small yet astounding city Mangalore is a sweet spot for surfers and an ideal vacation destination for many!

What do we offer?

Join us in riding the tides and catching the waves with our vivacious surfing packages!

Experience the adrenaline rush while balancing on humongous waves and exploring the lively city of Mangalore. Stay at the finest resorts and dance around the bonfire as well as vibe with other travel fanatics.