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10 things you must try this weekend!

Published on 21 Feb 2020

10 things you must try this weekend!

“Weekend” the word sound magical enough! and there are so many things you can do this weekend instead of being a couch potato and switching tv channels from to another, there are so many things nature and the city has to offer, to get yourself energised and relax this weekend.

1. weekend trips: nothing can heal your soul better than nature, get one step closer to the nature this weekend, mini trips, treks are perfect for this purpose and if you are new to the city, group weekend tours are perfect to socialise with other people and make new friends

2. Monument tours: Want to know your city more? start from the history, discover the ruined or preserved monuments soaked in the royal history, showing an ultimate class of architecture, you will get to know so much more about the cherished and the saddened history of these monuments.

3. Music events: Since the beginning of the humankind or I’d rather say since the first moment of BIG BANG, what have been existed? Perhaps the music?! Perhaps it’s the reason every soul gets relaxed with a certain frequency of sounds no matter what the personality is, nature is or state is!! you will be in so love with just a sight of instruments and aura, it gives peace comparable to “no-one” else!

4.food tours: Amalgamation of many cultures of civilisation, you cannot afford to miss the ultimate food this little town has to offer, from the royal Mughals to the street food, you can have it all here, and when you think it can’t get any better it does, from the beautiful cafes to sweet little corners, you will not get enough of it.

5. bicycle tours: Try to explore the city more closely, you will find so many hidden gems and things undiscovered, and there’s nothing more peaceful than cold morning breeze

6. Picnic: Pack yourself a brunch, call your friends and there’s nothing better the sunny day, spent in a garden

plan your weekend and have a perfect day without spending too much.

7. open-air theaters: want to watch class your classic movie, watch it a different way this time with open theaters or drive-in theaters to enjoy your favourites different ways.

8. Campsite in the city: Away from all the hustle - bustle in the city, find yourself laughing, singing, dancing, and enjoying your very best without going far from the city, how? Well, these mini getaways which are located at a perfect place with a perfect setup for your campsite experience with some incredible group of people.

9. Bike Ride: Got a bike? Hop on then. What are you waiting for? Explore the city closely and enjoy the winter breeze, there are so many places which are undiscovered.

10. Sweet little cafes: Find yourself a comfy corner for reading books, having a tall cup of coffee with some amazing food, this little cafes are perfect corner for your  weekend “me time” to relax.


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