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Published on 28 Feb 2021


Solo trips are an exhilarating experience and, folks setting out for this travel mode are courageous and zealous enough. Solo travel experiences are full of peaks and valleys. But, there are some common mistakes which a solo traveller can dodge to make their trip a smooth sail!

We have enumerated 10 common mistakes to avoid in solo trips before jumping off to the land of unexplored experiences.  

Mistakes to Avoid

Spending way too much time with other peeps

We know that meeting new people and making buddies is a vital part of solo travelling. But many tend to forget the crux of a solo trip, which is, being aquainted with your own

company. Explore places and gems of nature in solitude and greet and meet people on the go.

For sure, spending time with new peeps is all hunky-dory but, being self-sustainable is what makes a solo trip unique!

Splurging money without accounting for contingencies

Every solo traveller’s worst nightmare is running out of money halfway through the trip. Don’t be afraid of saving copious amounts and spending a little less. Budget your expenses prior to the trip and bat out the contingency of being left with no cash. Spend wisely when on the trip, and save as much you can in case of any mishap.

Emergencies don’t knock. So, always be ready for the worst and be thrifty when money comes into the picture!

Confining your stay to Hostels

There is no denying that hostels are the safest and economical stays while travelling by yourself. The lodgings are brimming with fellow travellers in search of similar experiences. That does not mean a solo traveller will have to coop up in such places. You are free to choose a stay that makes you feel at ease within your budget. Be it pricey hotels or magnificent resorts, pick what makes you comfortable.

If you constantly stress about your hall of residence, you would never be able to cherish your solo travel experience!

Travelling without planning

Solo travellers often lay off planning in the spur of spontaneity. Later they pay a heavy price because they are stuck on a strange territory with no familiar face to seek help from.

Always plan your trips in advance. A google search of the city would give you an idea of sites to visit and places to avoid. Make a rough travel itinerary for your reference. This way, your trip is organized enough with a mix of adventure!

Avoiding calls from home

Never go about exploring a new city without informing a close family member or friend. Make sure that your loved ones are updated about your whereabouts. Solo travels are full of thrill and improvisation but also prone to misadventures.

By looping in someone from back home would prove to be fruitful if something goes disarray.

Not being first-aid ready

Being a clumsy traveller has its own set of issues. You knock into things, flip over stuff or hit your toes all the time!

Even if you are a graceful traveller, having your emergency toolkit would be brilliant when you turn into a knocking-everything clumsy one. On a serious note, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Keeping this as your vantage point, always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Being first-aid ready would be a calculated move, and you will also be able to help out your fellow buddies!

Not having your guards up

Solo travel stories can turn quite horrific if one doesn’t exercise caution while mingling with an unknown crowd. Not everyone is out there to get you but, having your guards up while travelling solo is a wise move. You are going to warm up to some and, some are going to exude grim vibes. The best tactic to be safe and revel when fraternizing with an unfamiliar crowd is to ‘Trust your Gut’!

Being overly-spontaneous

Solo travel is full of the spur of moment actions and unplanned experiences. You might take an offbeat track or stroll around the street missing from your travel itinerary. Making impromptu decisions is what make solo trips a refreshing adventure.

While all this is fun and games, employing self-control and sensibility would balance out the sea-saw of solo trip escapades. Be sure to not get influences by seemingly-exciting

opportunities without collecting sufficient data.

Not breaking out of your shy shell

How rousing would it be to come back home with a new set of friends and loads of tales to tell? Solo trips lay down that chance for you to experience. Remember the purpose of embarking on this journey whenever you feel like fading in the background.

Interact as you have never before, give your inner extrovert a fate to blossom. At the end of the trip, you will not regret the moments you spent rather the moments you backed out from!

Never travelling solo

The biggest mistake you can ever commit is never giving a shot to the flustering yet soulful experience of solo travel!

Solo trips would help you engage with your inner self and discover yourself as you have never done before. Imagine not having to keep up with the hassles of group travel or conceding to other’s choice of cuisine and being your travel boss.

Embark upon this journey and return with a revitalizing vigour!



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