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Moustache Hostel, Udaipur

₹1,200 per person

About Udaipur

The premier wedding destination and filmmakers treasure city, Udaipur is the definition of a royal city!

Situated in Rajasthan, Udaipur flaunts majestic forts, temples, lakes and scintillating festivities. The city accentuates the rich cultural prosperity and varied customs and traditions of its local occupants. September to March is the ideal time to explore Udaipur, as the weather is nor chilly or hot during these months.

Apart from fortified monuments, Udaipur exhibits a plethora of sparking gardens and modern art museums. One should always be on the lookout for Udaipur’s mind-stimulating heritage walks and fabulous cultural shows. It is a romantic haven for every visitor! 

What do we offer?

Work from the regal forts and dampen your stress levels by strolling around the bustling markets and taking in the vibrancy of this colourful city. 

Breathe a sigh of relief as you can escape the blaring noises and monotonous routines, all while staying at the finest resorts with jaw-dropping architecture. 

About Travel

Traveling is fun and. exciting at the same time but it should be easy on your pockets and obviously with an amazing company. Join us in this wonderful journey with our clad and experience the place, its people, their taste in the most amazing way.