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Travel in Gokarna

Explore Travel in Gokarna

2 Days 1 Night in Gokarna
2 Days

₹5,699 per person

About Gokarna

Gokarna is a very touristic small town centered around temples on the western coast of India in the Kumta taluk of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. Tourist like Indians, Russians and Europeans coming from December to February for the beaches here. The name Gokarna means cow's ear (go=cow, karna=ear) in Sanskrit and is based on Hindu mythology. The main temple of Lord Shiva is also known as Mahabaleshwara. This temple houses what is believed to be the original image of Lord Shiva's linga (Atmalinga). We will start our journey by visiting Gokarna beach & Belekan beach. Trekking and sightseeing near the waterfalls, a weekend here is a perfect holiday we deserve

About Travel

Travelling is fun and. exciting at the same time but it should be easy on your pockets and obviously with amazing company. Join us in this wonderful journey with our clad and experience the place, their people, their taste in the most amazing way.