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What makes South India a humble and welcoming stay? Explore the culture of South India!

Published on 19 Feb 2021

What makes South India a humble and welcoming stay? Explore the culture of South India!

Have you ever wondered what makes a culture intact? Is it the people, languages, festival or food? Or, is it history? 

Action-packed movies, ravishing dosas, peaceful festivities, and shimmering rivers, white lungis, humble citizens, is that your first thought when you reflect on South India? 

South India has always been at heads with the buoyant North Indian culture. From stand-up comedians to the music industry to the food, it feels as if India has two zones. The beauty of democracy lies in uniting these zones while accentuating the other cultures. And we as Indians should be swelled with pride that we live in a widely-diverse culture with hundreds of traditions and millions of rituals.

So, let's break down the culture of the humble yet resilient South India!

Interesting facts about South Indian Cultural History

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, culture takes years of grinding and filtering and furnishing by various dynasties, rulers, monarchs, and the people who are based or migrate to the region. 

Here are some informative facts about who made what in the culture of south India- 

  • One of the chief dynasties to rule South India, Cholas made a significant contribution to the architecture by constructing magnificent temples, such as- 
  • The UN listed Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur.
  • The Western Ganga dynasty which ruled southern Karnataka in ancient times blessed the region with excellent Kannada literature and architectural bliss. The glorious Jain monuments at Sharavanabelagola got erected during their reign!
  • The Ashoka of South India, Amoghavarsha I of the Rashtrakuta Empire, were the light-bearers of flourishing Kannada literature. The perennial Kannada classic, Kavirajamarga was penned down during these times.
  • Thirumalai Nayak of the Nayak dynasty was the patronage of arts and modern architecture. It was during his reign the extant Meenakshi Temple came into being!
  • We have heard about the plentiful variety of tea and coffee in south India. But did you know that plantation of these cash crops begun in the times of British colonial rule?

Vibrant Festivals of South India

The festivals of South India transpires with a vigorous spirit. They are diverse and bloomy and bring out the essence of south Indian culture. Every festival has a riveting past preserved by the people to this day!

Here some wondrous festivities celebrated in different regions of south India-

Mysore Dushera